04 Oct 2021

Two MICHELIN Star Restaurant Ying Jee Club Presents New Tasting Menu

4 October 2021, Hong Kong – Cantonese cuisine, as the forefront of the 8 essential cuisines in China, is famed for using a broad range of cooking techniques to accentuate original flavours of the ingredients. Two MICHELIN Star restaurant Ying Jee Club proudly presents a new tasting menu featuring a selection of refined Cantonese dishes. Fueled by passion in showcasing the essence of Cantonese cuisine, Executive Chef Siu Hin-chi created this exclusive menu to satisfy diners with the use of premium ingredients from around the world and his time-honoured cooking skills.

The menu starts with Chilled Abalone with Jelly Fish and Caviar and Crispy Suckling Pig with Goose Liver Pâté as appetisers. Steamed South African abalone delivers a pleasantly sweet and fresh taste, while ethically produced foie gras pâté with buttery and creamy texture is selected to pair with crispy sliced suckling pig for a textural contrast. Poached Lobster with Vermicelli in Bouillon is filled with the essence of lobster through the combination of locally sourced tender baby lobster and soft vermicelli.

Indulgence continues with Fried Imperial Bird’s Nest with Egg, Conpoy and Fresh Crab Meat, a golden delight with stirred fried local coral crab and imperial bird’s nest. Combined with scrambled egg, it will give you the double enjoyment of visual and taste. In Pan-fried Leopard Coral Garoupa with Scallion in Premium Soy Sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil and Huadiao wine are used to dress on the leopard coral garoupa, bringing out the optimal flavour of the pristine fish.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce include two important delicacies in Cantonese cuisines – Japanese Kanto sea cucumber and Asian fish maw are elevated by braising them with Yunnan Xuanwei ham, chicken and pork. It is nutritious and full of collagen, an ultimate satisfaction for local diners. The seemingly simple Crispy Pork Belly with Golden Garlic depicts Chef Siu’s skills and craftsmanship. He exercises meticulous control on frying batter and oil temperature to ensure the pork belly comes out light, crunchy, and non-greasy.

Next is Chicken Noodle in Chicken Broth where Tainan Danzai noodles are specially chosen for their chewy texture, and they are served in a rich chicken soup that requires a 3-day preparation. Lastly, complete the gourmet feast on a sweet note with the classic Cantonese dessert platter – Baked Sago Pudding with Lotus Seed Paste, Baked Pineapple Puff with Kumquat and Glutinous Dumpling with Mango and Egg Yolk Cream.

The 6-course (HK$1,380 per person) / 8-course (HK$1,780 per person) menu is available in both lunch and dinner. A glass of complimentary champagne will be served along with the tasting menu. Additional wine pairing (HK$490 per person) is also available for the ultimate gourmet feast.